Square Pipe & Tube

In addition to round pipe and tubing, US Premier Tube Mills manufacturers square framework for ornamental fencing.

Triple Layer Coating – Our shaped tubing features the identical triple layer coating process of our PT series products. A triple layer of OD corrosion protection consisting of a zinc bath, an intermediate conversion coat and a clear vacuum sealed top coat is then added to provide maximum in protection and durability. The ID is zinc coated prior to forming.

Square Tubing – is available in gauges ranging from 14 to 16 with sizes ranging from 2” to 2.50”. All square material conforms to ASTM F2408-09, Standard Specification for Ornamental Fences Employing Galvanized Steel Tubular Pickets 5.1 and 5.1.1.

Colors – Custom color coating is available on all of square/rectangular tubing products using our state-of the-art polyester coating and heavy 10 mil polyolefin process.

Polyester color coating meets ASTM F934 Gloss: (60⁰) 60-70, ASTM D 523. Adhesion is in compliance with cross hatch test ASTM D3359 B. The 3 mil Polyester Powder coat meets or exceeds the coating requirements of ASTM F 1043.

Polyolefin Elastomer Powder coating is in compliance with the following ASTM requirements: Pencil Hardness: 2H, ASTM D 3363. Impact: 160+inch Pounds, ASTM D 2794. Adhesion: Compliance to ASTM F1043 Weathering: Weatherometer 1,000 hours, ASTM D 1499.

Made in the U.S.A. – All Square tubing product is manufactured in the USA meeting BuyAmerica(n) requirements.

Size chart

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