Our Story

USPTM is a leading manufacturer of high quality, fully-galvanized pipe and tubing products: from the PT Series of industrial/commercial grade products to the PTR line of tubing for use in residential applications. We offer square tubing for the ornamental markets. Custom polyester and polyolefin color coating is offered in our complete line of PTC products.

Our commitment to our customers goes beyond providing high quality product. From the beginning, we’ve believed that it was important to become a valued partner that can provide solutions and help our customers build their business. It is our goal to deliver high quality product on time-every time with a level of service that exceeds our customers’ expectations.

We also know that companies are constantly facing new challenges and that the key to success in any business is to be able to offer innovative products and solutions that help them stay ahead of the competition. That’s why our in-house research and development program continues to work toward developing new products that increase the quality and durability of any galvanized product available in the market today.

We are driven by values

Our Mission

We create opportunities for our customers and associates to succeed through our continuous commitment to manufacturing and distribution excellence.

Our vision

Achieve new levels of market leadership in fence distribution by:

  • Creating a positive and rewarding work environment
  • Being a valued and responsible partner to our customers and suppliers
  • Reinvesting in our people, infrastructure, and product offerings
  • Delivering exceptional customer service and quality products